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2/26 – AXS Live @ Gotham and more…

I’ll be doing shows in New York all next week.  Taping a set for AXS Live at Gotham.  Airs next thursday airing live Verizon Channel 569 / DirecTV Channel 340 / Dish Network Channel 362.   Message me if you’re in NY and want tickets I’ll hook it up!  Check my calendar for other shows in NY.

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An annual benefit for The Aaron Meyer Foundation will be DEC 28th @ the Frequency in madison WI.  If you’re in the area come by.  This years raffle prizes will include Packer playoff tickets, Badger Basketball bench passes, green fees and carts for University Ridge, gift certificates for Madison’s best restaurants and much much more.  Hosted by yours truly and DJ Pain 1.  Very excited!

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Christmas Eve Eve! I’m gonna do an hour at the Brink Lounge getting ready for my album taping in Chi this January.  Sarah Conner and Nick Hart are on the show too and they’re super hilarious.  Its gonna be a real fun show.  Come out ===> TICKETS HERE

Then there’ll be an after party and I’m gonna make the DJ play this like a sorority girl..

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Heres a clip from a set I did last week at one of my favorite shows in LA.  Its a weekly show, its awesome and its free.  Find it!

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I’m on the Chicago Underground at The Beat Kitchen @ 930.

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front page FUNNY OR DIE today check it out!

Front page FOD

The promo we made for “An Evening with Nate Craig” @ The Nerdmelt Showroom TONIGHT 5/16 @ 9pm is on the Home Page @ FUNNY OR DIE today. Chris Fairbanks is on the show. Kate Berlant is on the show.  I’ll have a surprise guest on the show.  Its gonna be a blast.  At least check out the commercial^.  If you like Goonies or comedy or me or any combination of those things, you’ll dig it for sure.  Big thanks to Robert Buscemi, Erik Charles Nielsen, Johnny Pemberton and Director Jason Martinez for making it happen.  Check out these professionals!

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“An Evening with Nate Craig” @ The Nerdmelt Showroom

This is going to be great.  Extremely humbled by the chance to headline this fantastic comedy room.  Also thoroughly excited to have Kate Berlant and Chris Fairbanks on the show.  More to come…  Tickets available HERE!




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Funny or Die “ODDBALL COMEDY TOUR 2014″

I was just added to the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy Tour.  I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s gonna be a super cool show with some of my favorite comedians.  Brody Stevens, Howard Kramer and Adam Cayton-Holland are on it. Tickets for this coming tuesday MAY 6th in Irvine CA are available at the Improv website.  More to come…

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