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Gundo Comedy Fest 5/19!

This festival is a blast! I’m on the 930 show at South Bay Customs

brought to you by Comedians You Should Know (LA,NY, CHI etc…)

Will be insane fun -COME OUT!

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Back in SF w/Bill Burr 5/14-18

May 14-18 I’ll be opening for Mr. Bill Burr @ The Nourse Auditorium.

He’s the best -COME OUT!

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Bay Area!

Real fun shows in SF all week 4/18-22, then Oakland on Monday 4/23.

“Cheaper Than Therapy” @ The Shelton Theater is one of my favorite shows anywhere.

The producers are hilarious and the line-ups are stacked. 10pm Thursday-Saturday & 7pm

Sunday -COME OUT!!

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DES MOINES Funny Bone 3/22-24

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Brooklyn 3/19 8pm

Tonight! With gods & legends. Aparna Nacherla, Jo Firestone, Maeve HigginsDwayne Kennedy AND MORE!!!

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Union Hall March 14th

Wednesday night at one of the best venues in NYC. My favorite comics anywhere will be being hilarious the whole time. Please come. Click for tickets. I couldn’t be more excited for this show.

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Largo LA w/Pete Holmes

This is the best venue in Los Angeles. Lineups are always incredible. Click for tickets.

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This thursday I’m back in one of my favorite towns anywhere. Awesome Theater. Awesome comics -COME OUT!

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Brink Lounge! Friday December 23rd with special guests and special cocktails.
Lets kick off the holiday season in style (drunk on instagram).

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Townie Fest 9! DEC 23rd!

Townie Fest is an annual charity raffle and dance party benefitting The Aaron J. Meyer Foundation
Which provides drug and alcohol counseling and sober living environments to college age men &
women trying to live happy productive lives. “Aaron’s House” (for men) and “Grace House” (for women)
provide a tremendous resource for young adults in the Madison area. If you can’t make it on 12/23, please
click the HERE and donate to the Townie Fest Crowdrise page. All proceeds go directly to the AMF.

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