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Cam Diaz is Riff Raff

CNN get at me

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Album release party #11 @ The Hollywood Improv

I’m headlining the Hollywood Improv this Friday 6/12 @ 8pm.  With special guest Brent Weinbach and more… Message me for tickets.  Everybody gets a free copy of my new album natecraigEGGSHELL (now available on iTunes and everywhere else).

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“EGGSHELL” available now on iTunes & everywhere else…

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New Album “Eggshell” and more! 4/22 in the Pandora Comedy Spotlight

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My new album “Eggshell” + video and a mix tape of my favorite comedy will be AVAILABLE exclusively in the “Pandora Comedy Spotlight” APRIL 22nd – JUNE 3rd.  Also, you can pre-order the album on iTunes starting 4/22.  HERES THE SUPER COOL ALBUM ART by @Chrisfairbanks.  Photography by www.mariahNaella.com.



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Pandora Comedy Spotlight Taping 3/19

really excited^

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SETLIST in Santa Barbara 3/21

This Saturday in Santa Barbara I’m doing maybe my favorite show -Setlist.  If you’ve never been its an awesome show in an amazing place at a brewery with artisan pizza.  I’ll probably get married and retire so come out and be a part of it.  And Greg Proops is headlining.  Real fun!







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Here’s my set on AXS Gotham Comedy Live.

More TV should be live.  Had so much fun.

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2/26 – AXS Live @ Gotham and more…

I’ll be doing shows in New York all next week.  Taping a set for AXS Live at Gotham.  Airs next thursday airing live Verizon Channel 569 / DirecTV Channel 340 / Dish Network Channel 362.   Message me if you’re in NY and want tickets I’ll hook it up!  Check my calendar for other shows in NY.

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